Let’s be Friends | Cherry Coke

Making friends after 30

Jerry Seinfeld has a great bit about how hard it is to make friends after 30. 

After 30 the door for new friendships closes he explains. When you’re a kid that door is wide open. The only prerequisite for friendship is . . . being a kid and proximity to your house. You move to a new neighbourhood, walk out your front door, approach the first kid you see and say,

“Hey! You’re a kid. I’m a kid. Let’s be friends!” 


Kids aren’t completely void of discernment, mind you. The friendship continues deepen when you find a common point of interest. It seems so miraculous to you at the time,

“You like Cherry Coke?! I like Cherry Coke!? Let’s be best friends!” 

Stoke for cherry coke

This is my “Cherry Coke” post. I hope you dig some of these things. Maybe we can strike up a new friendship based on our mutual stoke for “Cherry Coke.”

  1. Not Cherry Coke
  2. Pizza: Hawaiian Pizza, although most any cheese and sauce covered bread is welcomed.
  3. Alt Country/Folk: Ryan Adams
  4. Snow: always on the hunt for a sweet bottomless powder turn.
  5. Skiing: nothing beats some quiet time on the skin track. Just you, some sweet songs, and a ridge to climb. Earn yer turns brah!
  6. Patagonia: If I was going to join a cult, this would probably be it. I’ve drank the Kool-Aid.
  7. Road tripping: love me some storm-chasing. I have to be driving, classic type-A.
  8. Fine Art: I’m big on impressionism. I would loved to have been a painter but I’m terribly impatient.
  9. Reading: Crime and Punishment is probably my favourite book, but I loved Harry Potter just as much. Also, I’d much rather have magical powers than have murdered someone.   
  10. Climbing: Trying really hard to break into the 12s. I still haven’t red-pointed one, nor will I anytime soon.
  11. Big Dogs: anything smaller than 60 lbs is a cat.
  12. I’m dreading the day my iPod Classic finally kicks the bucket. 
  13. I love the number thirteen. I am immune to thriskaidekaphobia.
  14. Vintage Gibson guitars.

*a very special thanks to my good buddy Rob Whelan for the image. A solid friend I met after 30. Sharing Cherry Cokes since 2016. Check out his work: www.robwhelanphotography.com

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